Available Positions

Soccer to Achieve is an innovative and interactive soccer educational program with focus on helping 7-14 year olds development character that will translate into success on the field, in the classroom, and at home. Our team of coaches and educators can relate to our students and are instrumental in carrying out the three “A’s” Access, Accountability, and Achievable. Our staff ranging from our President to our day to day staff members all abide by the three “A’s” and understand that we too must lead by example.

The best youth soccer coaches and educators

  1. Every soccer coach and educator must complete our comprehensive training and pass an in-house test prior to joining the Soccer to Achieve staff.
  2. All staff are required to stay up to date with the best in-class curriculum and standards for youth and child development.
  3. Coaches and Educators are evaluated every six months and must undergo ongoing training.
  4. Our Coaching and Educator selection process is not only determined by ability, but also by how well they relate to our students.

Exceptional support

  1. Unlike other youth and child soccer programs, we do not just give you resources and say go ahead and coach or educate. We also provide you with ongoing support to help you to build your craft as a coach or educator.
  2. We understand that Soccer to Achieve may just be a stepping stone for your career as a soccer coach or educator, so we do our part to ensure that you are prepared for the future whether it’s through continuing education in your field, or paying for you to attend conferences to learn and bring information back.
  3. Our management team understands the importance of setting the best and most positive environment for you to succeed.

Expert-approved curriculum

  1. Our soccer curriculum places an emphasis on development and growth, all while promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Our educator curriculum has been created by department of education and universities throughout the various cities that we serve.
  3. We constantly re-evaluate and update our curriculum to ensure that our students are receiving the best information to excel in life on and off of the soccer field.

If you have a PASSION and LOVE to inspire and to help our leaders of the future, let’s talk!