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Soccer to Achieve is offered in 10 cities across the United States

The All-Around Soccer Experience

Our team of coaches and teachers positively impact the lives of youth on and off of the field. Unlike other programs, our coaches and teachers can relate to what the youth deal with on a daily basis.


The Three “A’s” –Access, Accountability, Achieve

The foundation of Soccer to Achieve epitomizes our commitment to stress the importance of the letter A to our students.


Soccer is the world sport and is everyone’s game here in the United States regardless of social class and income levels.

  1. Although our program is on a first come, first serve basis, and we do cap out based upon the number of students registered, we reach thousands of children in the inner-cities to join our program.
  2. We proactively market our programs all year around so that the community is fully aware of the services that we offer to improve child development.
  3. Our staff works in both the inner-cities and suburban areas and understands the importance of reaching underserved communities.


  1. Soccer is our vehicle to attract students to our program, but we understand the value that our program delivers to a child aside from dribbling, passing, or shooting a soccer ball.
  2. We hold our students accountable and they are REQUIRED to complete and ATTEND ALL of the sessions that they sign up. Showing up is 50% of the work, we have to show up too, and at an early age it is important to instill Accountability.


We instill in our students that it is important to set achievable goals in their lives to help them to build their confidence.

  1. Every student must use the acronym SMART (Specific, Measurable, ACHIEVABLE, Realistic, and Timely) when they enter our program.
  2. Regardless of what may happen in the home or in the classroom, each student is placed in an environment away from distractions to enable them to ACHIEVE.
  3. Students are routinely evaluated to determine whether or not they are reaching ACHIEVABLE goals.

Our Mission: To utilize soccer as a vehicle to help underprivilege and underserved inner-city youth improve their health with emphasis on wellness, nutrition, and life skills to translate in school and at home.

Our History: Founded by a group of former soccer players, current coaches, and educators in March 2018, Soccer to Achieve was an idea now formed project to provide inner-city youth with the opportunity to gain a full youth experience not just kicking a soccer ball, but an experience that will help students to learn many traits such as communication, life-skills, team-work, to help them to improve their current core studies of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, all while thinking of the future by learning financial responsibility, entrepreneurship, and other qualities to become self sufficient.

In August 2018, we launched our first two pilot programs in Prince George’s County, MD and Baltimore, MD where both were a great success featuring over 100 elementary and middle school aged children at each location for a free four week after-school program.

In April 2019, Soccer to Achieve set its sights higher to not only reach more schools and centers in the Baltimore region, but to also begin expanding to various cities across the east coast and the country.

There is a lot more to accomplish in the coming years, but our mission will remain to help shape the inner-cities by providing affordable and accessible programming.

Soccer to Achieve is an affiliate of the Black Soccer Membership Association and is based in Greenbelt, MD just outside of Washington, DC.  


We are always looking for Site Administrators, Teachers, and Coaches to join our team. If you LOVE and have a PASSION for impacting the lives of children, while getting paid well for it, we’d love to talk.   

Soccer and Education are Interdependent. 

We believe that soccer is a powerful vehicle with a proven track record of positively impacting the lives of children and youth around the world. How do we know? There are millions of examples walking among us today. Integrate education, and our mission is to not just provide a soccer environment for the next Pele, but to also provide an environment for a future Technology Guru, Engineer, Financier, or Entrepreneur.